Albany County Fire and EMS

Albany County Fire and EMS


Volunteer Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) exist in towns and villages throughout our community. Fire Departments respond to fires, specialty rescues, HazMat / WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) incidents, and motor vehicle accidents.  They range in size and several offer specialized response. Volunteer EMS agencies operate ambulance services responding to emergency calls for ill and injured people. Some respond with advance life support capabilities.

Most communities have a strong need for assistance on a regular basis. Generally you must live in the community you serve, but some agencies have lesser requirements dependent on your ability to respond.

Local Emergency Assistance

There are many different types of assistance you can provide through the Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Agencies including:


Training Requirements

Training for Volunteer Fire fighters and EMS members is free and is not required prior to membership.

Firefighters – Interior Firefighters must complete a minimum 91 hours of training (less for support roles). Additional training is available and required for specialty positions/certifications.

Emergency Medical Technicians – EMTs must complete 120 hours of initial training plus a recertification process every three years. (Ambulance Operators are not required to be EMT certified.  Agencies often have different training requirements for drivers.  Paramedics or Advance Life Support requires additional training)

Background Checks

A search for arson convictions is conducted on all Volunteer Firefighters per NYS Executive Law § 837-O.

Emergency Medical Services personnel must affirm misdemeanor and felony convictions per Title 10 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Part 800.  The New York State Department of Health will determine if the conviction is applicable under the provisions of Part 800.