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To provide humane/proper care and treatment of animals affected by a disaster or emergency, to protect livestock, domesticated animals including companion animals, the public health, the environment, and to ensure the care and treatment of animals in case of a large scale natural, manmade or technological emergency or other situations that cause animal suffering. Any disaster that threatens humans, threatens animals, and it will be necessary to provide water, shelter, food and first aid.

Local Emergency Assistance

To take immediate action in providing a means of care and control to minimize animal (owned, stray, domestic, or wild) suffering and disease control in the event of a large-scale emergency. Coordinate support agencies to manage animal protection in large-scale emergencies.

Provide and coordinate personnel, equipment, and shelter as required to protect domestic and sick and/or injured non-domestic animals.

Implementation of the CART will be incident driven and may be requested to be activated as a response asset by any member of the Team through the Emergency Manager as part of a Declaration of a State of Emergency, Emergency Order (Article 2B). The Team may be utilized in the planning modality as needed and requested by the Emergency Manager or by any of its members through the Emergency Manager.


Registered volunteers will be required to complete the following courses:

An Introduction to Incident Command System (ICS100) National Incident Management, An Introduction (ICS 700) Hazmat Awareness

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